Koosanats Sourb Stepanos (St. Stepanos of the Holy Virgins) Church, Tbilisi, 1868-1870


The church before Georgianization in 1991

Shamkoretsots (Shamkor Inhabitants') Sourb Astvatzatzin (Holy Virgin) Church (Karmir Avetaran, i.e. Red Gospel), Tbilisi, 1808


Blown up on 13 April 1989

St. Gevorg Monastery of Telet Village
     The balcony serving as a pilgrim dwelling was destroyed during the Georgianization of the monument.

The inscribed marble slabs set in the eastern facade of the church (photo 1988)

Removed in 1990

     The inscribed marble slabs set in the eastern facade of the church (photo 1988)

St. Gevorg Monastery of Telet Village, 1681

Parts of the inscription of a cross-stone, erected in memory of Father Hakob in 1681, were scraped off in 1997.

    Another khachkar, engraved with a weathered inscription, set in one of the belfry walls
   The stones of the cornice of the ruined high altar of the church changed into steps (photo 1992)

Sourb Astvatzatzin (Holy Virgin) Church of Telet's St. Gevorg Monastery (photo 1989)

The monument after its Georgianization carried out under the plea of "repairs" (the high altar was levelled with the ground, the inscriptions being scraped off and the cemetery destroyed).

Sourb Astvatzatzin (Holy Virgin) Church, Shindis Village, 1866-1873
     Its Armenian inscription was obliterated in 1998.
Nnjman Sourb Astvatzatzin Church, Nakhshirgora Village, 1835


Its Armenian lapidary inscription was obliterated in 1996 being replaced with a Georgian one having different contents.